New Domain Name and Other Updates

After realising that no-one really made the connection between and username.password I’ve decided to use my other, more understandable domain name for the new home of my blog. This means that my blog is now associated to my name so I can use it for work related emails and other things, and also means that I can start using a proper email address. I’m still in the process of making sure that any HTTPS-related jazz is sorted out for the new domain name, but Cloudflare makes it all fairly straightforward to set up so it should be done. The final thing to do is set up a redirect from to this new domain so any old links work as expected.

Life’s been busy and work has been busier at the moment, so I haven’t wrote a blog post in over 6 months. This was unintentional and I’ll try to make at least one more interesting post before Christmas - please don’t hold me to that though, because you now know how well I’ve stuck to “promises” like that in the past. I’m now in my second year at university, powering through an ever-increasing workload, so if anything the frequency of my blog posts is going to drop off even further, so I’ll try to take any free time opportunities to crank out a few blog posts. The next one should be particularly interesting if all goes to plan - one of my computer science modules this year is Natural Language Processing, and I have two pieces of coursework for it - both of which involve using NTLK in Python to analyse real life pieces of prose to extract information from them. If the projects go to plan, then the next post will likely be about them.

Until next time!