I'm back

When I ended my last blog post with a cheery ‘Until next time!’, I didn’t think that the next time would be three and a half years later. University and life commitments got in the way a little more than anticipated, and my motivation to pursue side projects fell by the wayside–partly due to a lack of time in which to do them.

I'll be back... [citation needed]

My time at university has recently came to an abrupt end thanks to the Covid-19 pandemic. I have finished my dissertation now, and thanks to the university’s policy in regards to the pandemic, I don’t actually have to sit any exams or assessments, so 5 years of studying has been rounded off before I really had chance to realise it. This has meant, however, that I have absolutely no excuse to start tidying up my online presence a little bit, which includes finally updating this website. A few years back, I migrated this site from an old domain to the new one. This broke essentially all of the Disqus comments. I’ve migrated all the old threads to point to this new site, so all the comments on older articles are visible again.

University passed me by extremely quickly. My final year dissertation project went quite well. I can still vividly remember writing this post almost 5 years ago, which gained quite a bit of traction on Reddit and Hacker News. I wish I had had the time to update this site a little more often, but I’ve basically just been having too much fun. In September I’m starting my new job, so any updates to this site will probably become less frequent again once that rolls around. Between now and then, however, I’ll try to keep this website a little bit more relevant!